What we do

The vision of this company is the heart of every production. Because of the many years of experience in producing television programmes, there’s eye for every detail. We go for the highest possible product ON AIR for every budget. Keeping in mind the costomer, the viewer, but also the sponsors and everyone involved. We visualize your ideas.


VISI(E)ON AIR is the motivator, finds creative solutions and gives a very high priority to a great team spirit. In Dutch the name includes two important unique points of this company: “the visionary”, and the “vision on air”.


VISI(E)ON AIR offers a customized production with different services:

  • Media production events
  • Production of internet, radio- and television programmes
  • Directing one or multicamera productions
  • (Re)styling programmes
  • Coaching and educating cameramen, video-editors and directors 
  • Consultancy